Once you decide to take advantage of BANALP Lodging's Customized Solution, we cooperate with you to ensure a sleek and fast implementation. We make use of our multi-million money buying power to provide you the best discounts on accommodations.

Eradicating the disruptions of exploring hotels, establishing up direct expenses and handling several accounts, your workers have more a chance to pay attention to your prime company.

Our group of professionals directly work with you to create an accommodations system based on your organization's specific specifications.

Your BANALP manager will fully describe the booking and check-in techniques to your travel manager and travellers, the invoicing and payment techniques to your bookkeeping group, and work with your management group to produce personalized accommodations reviews.

If hotels invoice you for an unauthorized charge, we’ll squabble it as your associate and take care of it to your fulfilment, by ensuring no unauthorized expenses will appear on your invoice.

BANALP works with you to ensure that your business has everything it needs for a seamless transition.

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