Banalp - Lodging solutions for the corporate world

Today’s Corporates expect solution based services in all aspects they deal, especially on after sales. The resource and its value is calculated on how effective the solution being established, in which it turns to be a challenge as most of the service provider never keeps up on what is guaranteed to the client.

How startling would it be if an issue being resolved! even before the one who faces the consequence is not known about it. BANALP SLA is set to benefit clients and the solutions are fully built in. Apart our team of expertise guides every reservation and takes care of any incongruities even before our clients could know, as we stand as the one point of contact between the client and the supplier.

Also our best rates competitive from the BAR has proven that we are not only a company who resolves complications towards the guest stay, but a complete package to provide the best of the best lodging services to every partaking corporates.

When you thing about LODGING SOLUTIONS FOR THE CORPORATE WORLD take a moment to write to BANALP and we’ll guarantee you to feel the difference on TAT, Customised preeminent rates at any property in the universe & Way out of bad experience towards your stay.

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