BANALP manifest the commitment of improving year by year to encounter a prodigious CSAT

  •  Wide Spread Network with more than 10,000 hotels across the Globe
  •  Hotel choices matching client specifics
  •  Reservations through BANALP
  •  Managed RFP process
  •  Negotiated rates and contracting
  •  Consolidated invoices to company checking account
  •  Streamlined hotel payment
  •  Contracted rate compliance
  •  Cost coding
  •  Superfluous Amenities
  •  Flat rates good all year long at most hotels
  •  Online portal to access detailed reporting
  •  Last-room availability
  •  24/7/365 traveler support

No matter where or when your company employees travel, BANALP has lodging solutions that's right for you.

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